Drama in Several Acts

Act Zero: Timms Times News and Reviews
Act One: Writing for stage They laughed when I said I wanted to write comedy. They’re not laughing now. . . Details of produced plays and works in progress.
Act Two: Hairy College Codger Why on earth would someone start a master of arts degree course fifty years after graduating from a bachelor’s degree?

Next Scene: Oscar Wilde’s Women by Howard Timms and devising team
Cheltenham Playhouse, May 9-11, 2017

In this dramatic comedy, two Cheltenham women cheer up Oscar Wilde – who’s dying, exiled, in Paris. Amelia and Christina, campaigners for women’s votes, seek Oscar’s support. Amelia believes that poems, songs, and marches will secure women’s suffrage. But Christina argues that only direct, disruptive action can force government support.  Both women quote Oscar’s words to support their case. He responds with charm and empathy — amusing, bemusing, and reconciling his visitors then bewilders them into agreement about the future of the suffrage movement.

Howard’s seventh Playhouse production is devised as a Fundraiser for Cheltenham Poetry Festival and the Playhouse.


Recent events. A short play I wrote, First Holiday, is part of a 5-play set performed in an event called Displaced at Stroud Theatre Festival on 9 September 2016 at 6.30 pm and 11 September at 2.30 pm.


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