Drama in Several Acts

Act Zero: Timms Times News and Reviews
Act One: Writing for stage They laughed when I said I wanted to write comedy. They’re not laughing now. . . Details of produced plays and works in progress.
Act Two: Hairy College Codger Why on earth would someone start a master of arts degree course fifty years after graduating from a bachelor’s degree?

Next Event. A short play I wrote, First Holiday, is part of a 5-play set being performed in an event called Displaced at Stroud Theatre Festival on 9 September at 6.30 pm and 11 September at 2.30 pm.


Who’s Howard?
News in Verse. Can the news be poetic? Can I?
Dictionary Doctoring: a crazy tribute to Samuel Johnson
Applause Without Abuse: are critics all bad?
The Lighter Side: To Hair is Human