Drama in Several Acts

Will May flower or fly?

She says she’s strong and stable
but has proved that she’s not able
to deliver what she says she’s going to do.

When in charge of immigration
she failed, let down the nation
by not cutting it as she promised us.

Instead, she pushed austerity
giving to posterity
a cut of twenty thousand off police.

Last year she yelled ‘Remain’
then changed her mind again.
Unprincipled, she ‘leads’ the other way.

She swore ‘No snap election’
unstably changed direction
saying she must have no opposition.

But cross-party Parliament
had supported her intent
to push her so-called Brexit plan.

May shows she hasn’t got election guts
to face debate and so she shuts
the door on any other party leader.

She proved she hasn’t got much power
except to frown and glower
led hand in hand by another country’s leader.

Britain’s unstable democracy had most of the voters opposing the Conservatives in the 2015 election by 63 votes to every 37 for the Conservatives. That unwanted government went into the Brexit referendum officially campaigning for Remain, and lost that vote 52 to 48. David Cameron accepted defeat and resigned. But although most Tory MPs supported Remain, they claimed a mandate for Brexit, and elected Theresa May as leader. She, like most of them, did a U-turn in her beliefs. Clearly, staying in power was more important than sticking to principles. Perhaps the opposition she’s really scared of is within her own party.

Recent Events:

May 10, 2017: Oscar Wilde’s Women by Howard Timms and devising team
Cheltenham Playhouse, 

In this dramatic comedy, two Cheltenham women cheer up Oscar Wilde – who’s dying, exiled, in Paris. Amelia and Christina, campaigners for women’s votes, seek Oscar’s support. . . more

September 2016: My short play, First Holiday, was part of a 5-play set performed in an event called Displaced at Stroud Theatre Festival on 9 September 2016 at 6.30 pm and 11 September at 2.30 pm.


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